businessromania : Unconventional advertising turns heads


Unconventional advertising is becoming more and more visible and trendy in Romania. Advertising inside malls, toilets or parking lots is no longer a novelty. The world of alternative communication is built around the principle that any surface can be a channel for communication.

Tudor Maxim, managing director of Elevate Media, a company selling advertising space in elevators, is confident about the potential of this type of advertising. He expects his company to continue to grow, with triple the level of investments in this media type in 2007. The Elevate network is present in Bucharest and 13 of Romania’s larger cities. We’re aiming for a decent coverage in Romania, and we’re planning the expansion of the Elevate brand in a franchise system countrywide and also outside Romania, said Maxim.

The firm’s portfolio includes diversified clients, from eateries (KFC and Pizza Hut) and cars (Renault, Seat, Mazda), to the products of financial institutions (Banca Romaneasca and Romstal Leasing), telecommunications and mobile firms (RDS, Nokia and Motorola). The latest company campaign promotes the services of online recruitment The segmentation [of the targeted audience] is made by types of buildings and the particularities for each one of them (the area in which the building is placed, the class of the office building, the number of stars…), says Maxim.

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